Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Moled Kitchen

The mold happened due to the customer not knowing she had a small water leak underneath her refrigerator for a few months.  In the before picture notice th... READ MORE

Pipe leak

This pipe leak in Santee, CA was a result of old pipes that were starting to crack.  When Robert and Danny arrived on the scene their first ... READ MORE

Water Damage due to ceiling leak

This flooded hallway in Santee, CA was the result of a broken pipe. The water damage effected the entire house. However, the extent of the water damage was in t... READ MORE

Flooded Bedroom

This water damage was in a bedroom in El Cajon, CA.  This was a result from a broken valve on a toilet. The damage went through out the house to ... READ MORE

Flooded Garage

This flooded garage was the result of a fire dehydrate malfunctioning at 9pm Saturday night. The flood ended up in the elevator shaft that took the cr... READ MORE