Recent Before & After Photos

bathroom fire

In the before picture you can see the bathroom sink was caught on fire. This was due to a curling left on during the day. lucky some one was home and smell the ... READ MORE

Repairs and remodels of a hallway that was damaged by fire.

In the before picture, the hallway caught on fire, and the ceiling was completely removed. This was a result of a lamp fixture catching on fire due to faulty wi... READ MORE

Weather Change

In the before picture you can see rain clouds. Forecasters say rain clouds will move out by the end of the day and warm temperatures will move in for the rest o... READ MORE

Fire, Smoke and soot restoration services

This before picture was taken in the attic days after the old damage insulation was removed, when fire struck in the living room fire place. Most of the odor wa... READ MORE

Fire Damage in El Cajon CA

Fire can occur in many different ways in your home. In this particular home a fire started in a kitchen due to a grease fire. When a fire happens there are seve... READ MORE

Flooded Bathroom due to storm

The flooded bathroom in El Cajon CA, was due to storm that moved in one late evening. The rain came through the up stairs ceiling leaving a hole a size of a bas... READ MORE

A quick storm

Saturday morning May 18th began with an early morning wake up call by Mother Nature herself . The sound of lightning - THUNDER! It began around 6 a.m. with fain... READ MORE

Flooded hallway in El Cajon, CA

The flooded hall way in El Cajon, CA was the result of a broken pipe from a toilet. Notice in the before picture the laminated flooring started to buckle up. W... READ MORE

Board Up (Nail Salon)

In the before picture you can see the after math of what happen when a car slammed into the business. The glass was shattered everywhere leaving some minor cuts... READ MORE

Flooded Bathroom

The flooded bathroom happen in the middle of the night, when a main pipe line broke. When the tenants realized the water was inches deep. without hesitation the... READ MORE